Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maiden step towards nowhere...!...

It has been six adventurous years since i have been reading stuff other than this impotent education system of this region has bestowed on me. i belong to a dark...filthy..& dead city of punjab which is on the verge of imploding or you may call it a mass suicidal phenomenon. And the worst part is that the blind and self hibernated human cretures here are not even aware of this state of thier. They are still sunk in the pride of being residents of one of the wealthiest cities of the country. But i feel sad when i visit this place after every two weeks and it needs a reeking effort to breathe in here.

I dont know if i am exaggerating but i remember when i dint use to feel like this about the city. But the advent of this change is justified by the exposure i gave to myself by wandering in different parts of the country.

I am trying my best not to shape this post into a short 'about me' note but i may completely fail.

I came to this planet (i am not sure whether for the first time or again....well i am trying to register myself with a crap show on TV these days where some morons claim to take you back to your previous lives....Ha..!)...anyways i was saying that i took birth when my father was 44. I like this fact of my life because there is a theory which suggests that a 'fecund' child takes birth when 'the act' is performed not out of lust. But i guess my folks wont agree with this theory. They will surely suggest a minor alteration in the theory after their experience of 24 years with a lousy, unambitious and useless offspring... :-/...Hi...They fail miserably at relating being prolific with a person whose ultimate desire in life is to wander.

But at the same time i should acknowledge that they have always supported me for every freaky idea of mine....And i guess who wont, after days and days of arguments. Now i realize that in a typical indian middle class family, this is the only way to taste the basic freedom which is required at least to breathe.

But it was a bit late when i came to know the real meaning freedom. The credit of toxification of my mind goes to a school which was influenced by some thought where a bunch of fanatics gather somewhere....(wearing khaki shorts) do some stupid exercises and sing in the praise of a lady who they think is Bharat Maa. I really used to wonder as a kid that where this real Bharat Maa resides....does she wear only will she look like in a skirt. Though i got the answer later.

A few people tell me that i should not quetch like this. But if u call it complaining then i take all the pride doing it because i think i am just stating what i think about things around me. and i have no reluctance in saying that i dont belong here.

I would say that i love to stray away from the basic point of discussion but coming back to the core of expression...though things around have not been conducive in the initial years to give birth to all those stimulating agents which i luckily got in the later years. i will talk about in detail in my further posts.

This is my first post and it is also the first time i have tried to record my thoughts. And most of the credit goes to a strange stranger. i read her blog for continuous 10 hours though i was more in awe all the time than reading. But the cumulative effect was that i stood up to fetch a pen and paper at 3'o clock in the morning after thinking about something which i dint even mention about in this post. Its just that i wanted to bring an end to this stalemate of mine and wanted to pen down a fragment of this bizarre constellation of thoughts which usually shines in these insomniac hours.....Thnx Mikimbizi...

Just b...

P.S - I also used to wonder why Bharat Maa never had someone like Bharat Baap to do all the fucking..? Then i realised later that we already have 1 billion people to do that...we still are...and continuity is inevitable.

Picture above: clicked on my way to somewhere..


  1. Did you actually read that blog for 10 hours??
    I am honoured.
    Keep Going.
    Best Wishes

    - Mikimbizi.

  2. yep..with long pauses..wondering..!!